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New Mexico State University (NMSU) Thesis Template
New Mexico State University (NMSU) Thesis Template
This document has been prepared to serve as a template for preparation of a master’s or Ph.D. thesis in mathematics at New Mexico State University. It contains the same files found at Write the body of your thesis, using any style you wish. Open the file thesisbody.tex, delete any text you find, except for the grey boxes right before the sample references. Then locate the file for your thesis. Then save the file. Next, edit the files title-sw.tex, approval-sw.tex, dedica-sw.tex, ackno-sw.tex, vita-sw.tex, and abstract-sw.tex, by putting in the appropriate data. Make sure you do not delete any of the blank spaces or other formatting commands. If you typed an abstract, open the file abstract-sw.tex, place the cursor immediately before the first line of the abstract itself (which starts Type your abstract here), click on file, then import contents, and enter the name of your abstract file. Finally, delete the existing line starting with "Type your abstract here", and then save. The files for this template were prepared by Pat Morandi and Ross Staffeldt and minor fine tuning to work on Overleaf by Omotayo Abdul-Hakeem.
Omotayo Abdul-Hakeem (original files prepared by Pat Morandi and Ross Staffeldt)

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