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Increase author satisfaction & reduce editorial headaches

Overleaf is designed to provide authors and publishers with the tools to effectively write, collaborate, submit, and manage an article through to publication—complementing existing project and editorial management software.

Find out more about our different products and services below, or read through a selection of publisher case studies on successful uses of Overleaf in different settings.

A comprehensive authoring collaboration tool, including publisher-specific template development or enhancement, options for “built in” automated pre-submission checks, author help desk and support, and publisher-specific simplified submission links into your submission system or to your submission web portal.

Overleaf LaTeX Validation Service

The Overleaf LaTeX Validation Service allows third parties to use the Overleaf technology and servers to handle all of their LaTeX compilations automatically, via a managed API. This allows organizations to outsource the management and overhead of LaTeX technology upkeep, and better ensure that LaTeX documents compile correctly using the latest LaTeX versions and packages. By using Overleaf for compilation and validation, you’re providing your communities and teams with access to a state-of-the-art LaTeX installation – one which has compiled over 15 billion pages since 2013 – but without any of the management overhead.

Overleaf Commons

An Overleaf subscription service for organizations to provide Overleaf Professional accounts to their members and staff. This service provides streamlined, branded enrollment, a customized resource portal, user training and platform and template analytics/metrics.

Overleaf Group Subscriptions

A set number of Overleaf Collaborator or Professional accounts for members and staff. Group subscriptions include a team management dashboard to add and remove team members, Centralized billing and admin, and an option to reassign licenses as needed.

Overleaf provides publishers with an innovative, easy to implement authoring and submission solution – providing a valuable author resource and greatly increasing author satisfaction. At the same time, Overleaf can relieve the burdens that LaTeX and templated submissions can put on your editorial and production staff.

Features & Benefits

  • Benefit from a fast and simple LaTeX submission process – ensure that LaTeX submissions arrive in the correct format with all publisher requirements followed and confirmed, all documentation present and error-free compilation.
  • Provide authors with a simplified submission process, from their paper in Overleaf to your submission system or submission web portal – easing and streamlining the submission process.
  • Help authors follow the correct format and guidelines by providing your custom LaTeX templates and through the automated Overleaf pre-submission check system.
  • Support author collaboration in your community by providing an innovative writing tool that simplifies their writing process, expands and facilitates their cloud collaboration ability, and streamlines their workflow and publisher submission process.
  • Ensure the authoring, reviewing and editing experience is smooth, simple and painless, by having a trusted tool that will support your aims and goals.
  • Outsource LaTeX support by having the Overleaf ‘TeX’perts handle all LaTeX and technical questions directly.
  • LaTeX, evolved - provide your authors and communities with access to a state-of-the-art LaTeX installation, but without any of the management overhead.
  • Benefit from Overleaf integrations, such as with ORCID — authors can link their ORCID iD to their Overleaf account so ORCID information can be passed to the publisher during the simplified submission process.

Prior to the integration with Overleaf, F1000Research could not easily accept LaTeX submissions. Now, most F1000Research LaTeX submissions use Overleaf for their writing process, with approx 10-15% of all submissions coming in via the Overleaf template and submission link.

Michaela Torkar
Editorial Director at F1000Research

I’m always glad when I open up a new submission and see that the authors have used Overleaf to prepare their manuscript. It makes it easier for me to evaluate the manuscript, and I know reviewers appreciate the easy-to- navigate format. I wish all authors would use Overleaf to format their submissions.

Mark Johnston
Editor-in-Chief at GENETICS (the peer-edited journal of the Genetics Society of America)

By working with Overleaf, our authors will have access to cutting-edge technology that can simplify their writing, collaboration and publishing processes.

Martijn Roelandse
Manager Publishing Innovation at Springer

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