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Involutory Property of the Discrete Hartley Transform
Involutory Property of the Discrete Hartley Transform
Discret Hartley Transform is a unitary transform although its proof is hard to find in the Web. This short note explains that the Discrete Hartley Transform is an involution, which implies that this transform is unitary indeed.
Frank the Bunny
ARML Lecture:  Intermediate Proofs
ARML Lecture: Intermediate Proofs
A lecture on intermediate proofs that I taught at ARML.
Justin Stevens
This is a project to develop students' understanding of Newton's Method using the tools available in Geogebra. This project was adapted from a similar project developed by folks at Grand Valley State University. (If any of you see this and would like more specific attributions, please let me know.)
Sarah Wright
linear algebra using matrix
IST-UL Lab Guide
IST-UL Lab Guide
This template can be used to produce Lab Guides at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) of Universidade de Lisboa (UL). The template may be suitable for other similar purposes just changing the logo.
Prof. Rui Santos Cruz
TP d'initiation à Python3  et à la programmation
TP d'initiation à Python3 et à la programmation
Tutoriel d'initiation à python3
Laurent Guéguen

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