Sample of a thesis written with yathesis class

Denis Bitouzé
LaTeX Project Public License 1.3c

The purpose of the class yathesis is to facilitate dissertations’ typesetting of theses prepared in France, whatever disciplines and institutes. It implements most notably recommendations from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and this, transparently to the user. It has also been designed to (optionally) take advantage of powerful tools available in LaTeX, including packages:

  • biblatex for the bibliography ;
  • glossaries for the glossary, list of acronyms and symbols list.

The yathesis class, based on the book class, aims to be both simple to use and, to some extent, (easily) customizable.

The present template is more a sample than a template but can be used as a starting point to gradually fit your own needs. A real template can be found [here].

Sample of a thesis written with yathesis class