2016 LUMC Beamer template 2.0

Shengnan Liu
LaTeX Project Public License 1.3c

Beamer Presentation LaTeX Template Version 2.0 (10/06/16)


  1. The self-defined font is used, because 'Calibri' is not supported in the latex font packages. 'LuaLatex' should be used.
  2. This template has been generated according to the Power Point template of LUMC in 2016.
  3. This is generated purely with images as the background.
  4. The bullet point color was used purely for personal preference.
  5. Any more adding to the template are welcome.
  6. In order to use the navigation bar, the title for each section should not be to long.
  7. Adding animation is possible. I prefer to add another pdf file with:
  8. This is my first template, the files might be not well organized, sorry for that.

Author: Shengnan Liu (sliu729@gmail.com)
Division Medical imaging processing,
Leiden University Medical Center

Modification Log:
Generated by Shengnan Liu on 21-01-2016
Cleaned up for further usage on 10-06-2016

2016 LUMC Beamer template 2.0