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  • Welcome To Our New Customers: VATT Institute for Economic Research and Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd

    Posted by Kate on March 10, 2021

    We’re excited to announce the following new customers!

    • VATT Institute for Economic Research
    • Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd

    VATT Institute for Economic Research

    VATT Institute for Economic Research is now providing Overleaf Group Collaborator accounts to their research teams. These accounts will enable them to collaborate smoothly on their research writing and publishing, whilst harnessing the premium features of Overleaf, such as reference management syncing, track changes and document history.

    VATT is an expert economics research unit which produces high-level scientific research to promote evidence-based policy making. VATT evaluates the effects of policy measures on individuals, households and firms. The main building blocks of their analyses are large-scale register data, profound institutional knowledge and economic theory. VATT also acts as an expert in supporting decision-making and evaluating economic policy.

    Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd

    Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd has subscribed to an Overleaf Group Collaborator Account. Access to Overleaf’s premium accounts enables their researchers to collaborate easily across LaTeX projects internally as well as with external collaborators, while accessing the power of track changes & document history, advanced reference search and integrations with Dropbox, Github, Mendeley and Zotero.

    Canon Medical Research Europe is a leading medical software research and development centre of excellence, generating breakthrough technologies and valuable intellectual property for Canon Medical Systems. They are based in the diverse city of Edinburgh, employing over 100 people working as Software Engineers, Scientists, Clinical Specialists, Testers and Business Support and are part of a global corporation headquartered in Japan. Canon Medical Research Europe develops next generation medical imaging software to integrate with Canon Medical scanners and other diagnostic healthcare solutions which are installed in hospitals and healthcare centres across the globe.

    Interested in an Overleaf Account?

    If you think your deaprtment or company would be interested in premium accounts, you can find out more at Overleaf for Enterprises or please get in touch and we can provide more information and pricing.

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