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  • Posted by Natalie on January 26, 2022

    Overleaf enables our team to collaboratively work out technical mathematics ideas and formulations from quite disparate geographies. This was already important pre-pandemic as my research collaborators can be from all over the world, but the benefits have been further amplified during the pandemic.

    – Pari Ram, Research Staff Member, IBM

Parikshit Ram photo
  • Posted by Mary Anne on June 8, 2021

    The CFEngine product development, product management and community team used Overleaf to help improve the collaboration surrounding the creation of a very important technical white paper. The white paper compared CFEngine to Ansible in the ways both solutions address the scalability challenge in server configuration.

    The white paper was co-authored by Vratislav Podzimek, Ole Elgesem, Nick Anderson and Cody Valle. Vratislav describes the process of authoring this white paper on behalf of the team.

  • Posted by Sven on May 31, 2021


    We are extremely proud to share the exciting news that Paulo Reis (Overleaf), John Lees-Miller (Overleaf), and Sven Laqua (Digital Science) have been awarded the SIGCHI Best Case Study Award at the ACM CHI2021 Conference for their case study on “Merging SaaS Products In A User-Centered Way - A Case Study of Overleaf and ShareLaTeX”.

  • Posted by Kate on October 1, 2020

    When Erik Schön chose to write his book, The Art of Strategy: Steps Towards Business Agility, his research, along with positive feedback from friends and colleagues, led him to Overleaf. He wanted something that would enable him to produce a beautifully typeset document that could be exported and uploaded straight onto Amazon’s print on demand platform, and Overleaf fitted that requirement perfectly.

    Erik Schön - The Art of Strategy

  • Posted by Kate on July 28, 2020

    Overleaf is sponsoring Cornell University's Unmanned Air Systems (CUAir) team for the second year running!

    We're delighted with the reaction since they switched to using Overleaf for their technical documentation, which Sheel from the Design & Operations Team at CUAir sums up very succinctly:

    “Overleaf truly embraces a collaborative culture, and we’re proof of that. We’ll still be using Overleaf for next year’s journal paper; we’ve loved using Overleaf.”

    Sheel Yerneni, Design & Operations Team - CUAir

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