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  • Overleaf awarded the 2020 MERLOT Classics Award for Mathematics

    Posted by Mary Anne on January 8, 2021

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    Right at the end of 2020, we received some nice news that rather bucked the trend in what had been a very different year to the one we all expected.

    We received an email from the chair of the Mathematics Editorial Board for MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching), to inform us that Overleaf has been awarded the 2020 MERLOT Classics Award for Mathematics!

    The MERLOT Classics Award is given to a single website that is exceptional in its value to instructors and students in mathematics.

    John Hammersley, our co-founder and CEO, says:

    “We're very honoured to have been chosen for this award, and as a mathematician myself I really appreciate when Overleaf is helping new users learn and enjoy the subject.”

    Larry Green, chair of the Mathematics Editorial Board for MERLOT, writes:

    "MERLOT is an international referatory of online educational resources. The sites are peer reviewed by faculty from throughout the world and the reviews are posted. Our mathematics team was very impressed with what your site has to offer."

    You can read the MERLOT Overleaf review by clicking on the Peer Review line from the MERLOT page here.

    Overleaf will also be participating in the OLC Innovate 2021 Virtual Conference, a joint conference of The Online Learning Consortium and MERLOT.

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