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  • Growing adoption of ORCID on Overleaf – over 5,000 linked ORCID accounts and four ORCID badges!

    Posted by Michael on February 23, 2017

    At the start of November 2016 we launched our integration with ORCID, to enable users to link their Overleaf account with their ORCID iD to help securely establish their identity and provide a quick way to login to Overleaf using their ORCID credentials.

    We're delighted to announce that as of today, 5,295 Overleaf users have linked their ORCID accounts with their Overleaf account – equivalent to almost 50 per day since the launch! It's great to see such a rapid adoption of ORCID by our users, and reflects the growing adoption of ORCID as a standard, persistent identifier for researchers around the world.

    We're also excited to have received our first four ORCID badges (who doesn't like badges?!) for officially conforming to the ORCID standards for Authenticating, Collecting, Displaying and Connecting the ORCID iDs on Overleaf. Check out our badge gallery below :-)

    Overleaf's four ORCID badges

    Submissions to participating publishers now automatically include the submitting author's ORCID iD for improved workflow and to save time when completing submissions in the publisher systems. Our first such submissions were made earlier this month to the Springer Journals: Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy and the Journal of Mathematical Biology. Both journals use the Aries Editorial Manager system, which accepts the ORCID iD via their Ingest API, and are part of the partnership between Springer and Overleaf which currently provides direct submission links for 20 journals.

    Find out how to connect your ORCID iD with Overleaf here, or take a look at the variety of publishers currently working with Overleaf. If you'd like us to set up a similar link to your journal or repository, please let us know – happy to help!

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